holistic waterway solutions

Living Waterways is an approach and framework that incentivises collaboration and integrated planning and design of urban water systems.  

Living Water

Protect and enhance our water systems and their environments.

Living Envronment

Protect and enhance natural areas ajacent to waterways.

Living Communities

Create versatile places that enable safe, healthy, inclusive and resilient communities.

Living Local Economies
Provide affordable enduring solutions that are viable to build, use and maintain.
Managing water sustainably

How to maximise the potential value of your waterway investment

Stormwater and waterway management are complex issues that require compromises and trade-offs amongst many competing demands. Living Waterways is an innovative approach with the potential to achieve multiple benefits for all involved. It is intended that this model will evolve and adapt to enable the broadest possible use and application. Your feedback is welcome, as we all continue striving to create sustainable economies, thriving communities and living waterways. 

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EXPLORING WAterways management

Living Waterways

Protect and enhance our water systems and their environments

Maintain diversity and redundancy

Systems with more, diverse sources and components are more resilient to changes in environmental conditions e.g. longer dryer period, more intense rainfall.

Manage slow variables and feedbacks

Systems where impacts that are hard to see or delayed, are managed, ensuring that the system doesn’t change to a worse state that can be unrecoverable. 

Manage connectivity

Well-connected systems recover from environmental disturbances more quickly, however systems that are too well connected can more effectively deliver shocks and impacts more efficiently.

Foster complex adaptive systems thinking

Valuing different perspectives to generate an understanding of the system as a whole, embracing complexity and unpredictability.